Monday, October 31, 2016

The Other Side of Heaven

There was a movie made with the title, "The Other Side of Heaven," that is about a missionary who served in Tonga. Well, this last transfer, my trainee got transferred to the other sister's area in Orion and now I'm with Sister Fotu'aika, who is from Tonga. For those of you who are devout followers of my adventures, you may recognize her! She and I were together in our first area, Sta. Cruz, as housemates. So, in a way, we get to start and end our missions together. Besides my birthday, nothing too crazy has happened. Something I have noticed, however, is how God is blessing us with families to find. In just the last couple of weeks, we've found a handful of families committed to be baptized and it makes me so happy! Whenever we invite somebody to be baptized, we like to tell them that they can receive one of two answers, that is, it is not true or it is true. And before they can receive an answer, all they have to do is read from the Book of Mormon and pray every day, and go to church each Sunday, at least for a month. We then promise them that they will know the truth. That's my invitation this week to you all, to try this message out for yourself and see what answers you receive. 

Word of the Week: palaman - food spread Ex: I bought a chicken BBQ flavored palaman and it's great on toast!

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