Monday, October 17, 2016

Wonderful Wet-her!

I heard that in Seattle there was a crazy big storm that came through. Similarly we got word from our Mission President that a giant typhoon would be coming through our area. Fortunately, the flooding wasn't too bad and we were still able to work while sharing my one broken umbrella. (Don't worry, we're buying another one this week haha). But speaking of water, our investigator Mary Angel was baptized this week! She is the granddaughter of an elderly couple we helped return to church and renew their temple recommends, which one needs in order to enter the temple. She is super sweet and even reads the Book of Mormon all the time. It's amazing to see the wonderful change in this family as they've returned to church and become active again. Truly despite the storms in our life, God's blessing are always showering down upon us as well!

Word of the Week: Nakakabighani -- amazing/shocking Ex: Sister Morgan's beauty is nakakabighani ;)

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