Monday, October 10, 2016

In the Jungle, Part 2

 I feel like everything has a sequel nowadays, so I'll add my contribution! This week the jungle wasn't the muddy forest of banana trees but rather the urban jungle of Olongapo city. I had a couple of meetings to attend there and on the way to one, extreme flooding occurred right outside the church building to where it somewhat resembled the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory. Slightly concerned for my feet (which if you remember are a little scary looking already), I shimmied my way down the street grasping onto telephone poles and whatever greenery I could lay hands on. Fortunately, I made it through pretty well.

Now of course, some may be wondering, "Ok, that's great, but where's my spiritual analogy?!" Good news, there's one coming! This weekend I got to watch General Conference, where the church leaders, apostles and prophet speak to the whole church. Just like I had to rely upon the poles and trees to guide me through the dirty waters, similarly if we hold onto the words and abide by their revelations, we too can navigate life's great vicissitudes. I find much comfort in knowing that we have a living prophet. I'm thankful those men who in their complete service, dedicate their lives in ministering unto all people, even those in the tropical and concrete jungles.

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