Monday, June 27, 2016

Wannabe Kiwi

Goodbye Guagua, hello Orion! Yes, even though I was in Guagua for a little over a month, I got transferred to my 4th area of Orion. My companion is from New Zealand and let's just say, I really want to visit there after my mission sometime. She and I were made leaders over the sisters in our zone. She'll go home before me, but she's super hardworking. Even though everything is still new to me, I love it here in Orion. During church, one of the members gave a talk where he said the invitation to face God is a 180 degree turn, not a 360 degree turn. As I thought about that, it made me realize that God's hand is always extended to us and it's always up to us whether we'll turn to Him or not. How do we do that? Through the small and simple commandments He's given us -- pray, read scriptures, go to church. Even though many of us already do that, always ask Heavenly Father "what lack I yet?" I promise you that you'll receive an answer from the Holy Ghost. You have a new zeal(and) to follow Him and become a better person.

Word of the Week: madulas -- slippery Ex: Now that's it's rainy season, the streets are very madulas!

Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Baptisms, 2 Countries, 1 Happy Missionary

So this week we had the baptism of one of our investigators. He is currently living with his aunt's family while his dad is working abroad in America. He has a solid testimony and is already very knowledgeable about the gospel. I found out that his dad just happens to live only 2 hours away from me in Seattle, so when our investigator rejoins his dad there, I'll be able to continue to see him and help him prepare for his mission. I know that that wasn't an accident, but rather, a tender mercy from God. I'm thankful for having this opportunity to meet him and see his spiritual growth.
My family celebrated many events this week such as my parent's anniversary, my brother's high school graduation and my sister's baptism. Even though I wasn't there in person with them, throughout my mission, I've become increasingly more aware and thankful for the loving family God gave me. I have great peace in knowing that we are sealed together and that I can be with them in years to come. That knowledge has given me a bigger desire to help families here receive the same blessings too.

Word of the Week: panatag -- no worries Ex: Hakuna means panatag! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bamboo Rendezvous

This week we had two baptisms of two cousins of some families that we have helped reactivate. It has been amazing to see their desires for their entire families to become active once again and allow their sons to be baptized. To briefly explain, in the Church, we believe that baptism is an essential ordinance, or sacred act, that all people need to do in order to return to God. Through baptism, all our sins are washed away and we are made perfectly clean once more. Because of this, we believe that little children do not need to be baptized

because they do not yet recognize the differences between good and evil. Instead, when a child reaches the age of accountability, age 8, they can be baptized. I've been thinking about that for a while because my sister will be baptized this week. Even though I won't be there, I'm grateful to have witnessed many baptisms here on my mission and many people showing their desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. 
We also had a mission activity at this bamboo park. It was cute to see all the panda bear paintings, even though I still haven't seen a single panda my whole mission. At least the shade was nice! 

Word of the Week:  pakikiapid --- adultery Ex: Do NOT commit pakikiapid!

Monday, June 6, 2016

School's Out, Scream and Shout!

...Except for the Philippines where school is about to start this week! We had exchanges this week, where I switched with another companionship for a day. I went to the other sister's area and I had a great time teaching the families there. There was one that had 3 daughters who are the same age as my sisters. Their personalities were exactly like my sisters, so it was sweet to talk to them because it felt like I was talking with my family. They are so good at their scripture reading and knowledge. It makes me think to when I was their age and I totally wasn't at their level. I don't think we realize how capable our children are of understanding gospel truths and principles. We should not shy away from teaching them and helping them understand their potential. After all, spiritual school never has a summer break, right? :)

Word of the Week: Piga -- squeeze Ex: You need to piga the coconut pulp in order to get the milk!