Monday, November 7, 2016

My mission is going kwek-kwek!

Here, there is a lot of street food, one of which is called kwek-kwek. It's basically a quail egg dipped in an orange-dyed batter and deep fried. Soon, though, I won't be able to eat it as readily as I'd like! It was the birthday of one of our house-mates and to celebrate traditional Filipino style, we sang karaoke church songs with my homemade cardboard decorations. I never knew hymns could be so fun! To top off the week, we found and taught a family who are the sweetest things ever. Their 12 year-old daughter has a leg impairment and uses a wheelchair donated from LDS charities. They are so eager to come to church and learn more about it. Even though they have so little, I appreciate how genuinely happy and kind they are. I'm so excited to see the gospel work within them and help their family become even stronger.


Word of the Week: mahabdi -- stinging pain Ex: If you eat too much kwek-kwek your stomach will feel mahabdi!

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