Monday, October 24, 2016

The Queen Pin Strikes Again!

For a district activity we got to go bowling! I was so excited to use my bowling name, Queen Pin, again as I smashed the competition! Well, not really...guess I'm still a bit rusty. But overall, it was fun for sure. Despite the crazy weather that seems to vacillate only between typhoons and desert heat, our work continued to be successful! I love it when our investigators read from the Book of Mormon because not only is it convincing evidence that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, but that it really does answer our questions and problems. Even for me, as I'm reading it in Tagalog and sometimes not totally understanding everything, I can still feel the Spirit. As I'm starting my last transfer, I'm excited to continue to be zealous in carrying out the work. Nothing can rain on our parade! (See video)


of the Week: Masigasig -- really hard working Ex: All missionaries should be masigasig even until they go home ;)

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