Monday, November 14, 2016

How Beautiful My Feet Are Upon the Mountains!

In Isaiah, the prophet prophecies how those who publish glad tidings shall be beautiful on the mountains. Well, I've seen a fulfillment of that prophecy seeing as my area is full of mountains and now my feet are definitely more beautiful than they were a month ago! It's been special to serve a mission, because no other time in my life can I "publish peace" as much as I do here. We had one investigator who was struggling to understand the concept of proper Priesthood authority in relation to baptism, but as she said the closing prayer, we all felt the Spirit strongly confirm answers to her earnest, sincere prayer. In that moment I had the thought that it's because of people like her that I'm on my mission. Truly there is nothing more beautiful than an individual who receives the truth and transforms their life because of it!

Word of the Week: feet -- paa Ex: My paa are now doing much better!

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