Monday, November 21, 2016

My missionary lice-nse is about to expire!

At the beginning of my mission I was given a card that allows me to be recognized by the government and others as a licensed missionary of the Church. However, I found that it'll technically expire next week so I guess that's a sign that the end is nigh. Maybe to give one last gift, Orion decided to give me lice which my loving house mates have scrupulously picked out with endeavoring fervor. In attempting to relate my pitiful, untimely state to a spiritual analogy I reflect upon the Atonement. Our sins are somewhat like the lice. Some large, some small, some not even grown to maturity, yet in any state it is still undesirable. I could try on my own to get out the bug but no matter how diligent I am, I will always fall short of complete eradication. Similarly, despite how repentant we are, we can never become 100% clean without accepting and using the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Only in and through Him can we return back to our Heavenly Father. As I soon will return to my own earthly family, I can't help but imagine how glorious it will be to "encircled in the arms of Jesus" once more. That's why I'm here, to help others experience the same joy that I've felt in my life as I've come to know and follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

 Word of the Week: lice--kulo Ex: I never want to have kulo again. Period.

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