Monday, September 26, 2016

Walk the extra mile...or just take a jeepney!

I had a very productive week with Sister Wagner, despite our foot ailments! Because of the multiple sores and other inflamed blisters on each of our feet, our walking has been quite limited and our proselyting hours were reduced slightly. And to add to that, many of our original appointments seemed to fall through for one reason or another. Even just this last Sunday, we were punted (rejected) about 11 times in a row! However, the miracle is this: that God always provides more people and families to teach if we’re willing to look and find them. With our best efforts, we were able to find many new investigators and multiple families. There was even one family we taught who said that they were former investigators from some years ago, but that now they feel it is the right time for them to come to church and investigate it seriously. I know that these experiences happen when we are willing to put the effort in first. When we try our best, God truly does make up the rest.

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