Monday, September 19, 2016

Twin for the win!

Lots of crazy new changes! I found out that I'm training again! My companion is Sister Wagner who is also from America. We're both blonde and white which has caused a lot of people to ask if we're siblings. Maybe we're not family, but we are sisters in Christ! :D So far we've had a blast together together and I'm excited to see her progress with the language and everything else!

I have one quick miracle that I’d like to share with y'all. We have an investigator who is very prepared to be baptized next month. When we went to her house to teach her, we found her reading from the Book of Mormon. Even though she’s already received some persecution from taking the missionary lessons, she has received equal fellowship from members at church.
I’m so grateful that God has prepared her to receive the gospel. She’s the kind of person who can help better establish Orion branch and I’m looking forward to continuing to see her build her testimony.

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