Monday, September 12, 2016

I'll Be Home for Christmas

That song is one of my companion's favorite Christmas songs. For both of us, it is true that we go home this year, but she'll go home this week. It's crazy for me sometimes to see how fast a mission can go. Thinking about when I first arrived here to now seems like a blur of countless lessons and hearts changed. I think similarly, our life here on earth can feel fairly short as well. And that is true, that in considering the entire plan that God has prepared, our time here is only a small, but significant, part. I've always wanted to leave my mission with no regrets, and the knowledge that I did my best with what I had. I think too, I want to feel that way as Judgement Day commences and I'm able to say I've tried my best to follow His gospel and commandments. If each person truly understood their potential, that is to return back to their Creator and not only that, but become even as He is, then our choices would be easier to make. We would have greater peace of mind when trials and struggles inevitably do come. That's why I love my mission so much. It's been such a blessing to teach these truths to the people here and see them desire something much better than Christmas, that is eternal life with God. 

Word of the Week: Uwi -- verb: to go home Ex: Uwi already my companion!

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