Monday, August 1, 2016

Am I My Brother's Robber?

Our branch mission leader told us how a couple weeks ago, he was assigned to give a talk in church entitled, "Am I My Brother's Robber?" Confused, he asked if it was supposed to be "keeper" instead of "robber," but indeed that was the real topic. Well, anyway, a couple days later my companion and I were arriving to our apartment and as I unlocked the gate, I saw this teenage boy jump out from behind and dart away. I shouted at him and an old tatay from across the street tried to grab him, but the thief got away. Fortunately, because the dead bolt on our door was locked, he was unable to get in. Of course, as a missionary, it did make me think about this incident in spiritual terms. When a person is gaining a testimony of the gospel, that is a precious thing that Satan would gladly try to destroy and take away. However if we lock the dead bolt on our testimony by doubting our doubts before we doubt our faith and following His commandments, when the robbers do come, they can not access that which is most valuable above all worldly possessions. Hopefully the thief won't come again, but I'm thankful that despite this incident, we continue to have miracles in this area!

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