Monday, August 15, 2016

Flood the Streets...

...with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Even though the actual streets were flooded with water due to three different typhoons, the work continues to move on! Despite the rain, we were able to have a couple different miracles this week. On one day, we were trying to find a man who we had talked to and placed a copy of the Book of Mormon. We had a general address given, but unfortunately, after asking several nearby people where his house was, we still had no clear idea where he actually lived. As we passed this house I saw a Nanay and I suddenly had this thought to go talk to her. While we talked I found out that she knew where the man we had been trying to find lived. Apparently he has a nickname which everyone else knows and only Nanay is familiar with his real name. I'm grateful for that prompting from the Holy Ghost. Even though the man wasn't home at that time, his wife informed us that he had been avidly reading the Book of Mormon and has a desire to join the Church.I know that there is a real power in that Book. I promise you that if you read it sincerely, you will know the truth of the Church and the gospel. As the rainy season will continue with even greater forces, so too should the Book of Mormon and its message flood the entire earth until all receive the opportunity to read it. 

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