Sunday, August 21, 2016

Best Instant Lunch Ever

There have been certain times in my life where amidst the craziness and confusion around me, I ask myself, "How did I get here???" This week, while finding, we approached a house with a tall gate and even though we expected to be rejected, we shouted "tao po!" anyway. Suddenly, a nanay bursts out of the door wearing a silky, pink bathrobe and excitedly calls out to us and says "come on in!" Surprised,we entered into her house and she quickly prepared some beverage for us (I think it was cranberry juice?) and introduced herself as Nanay Zeny. We found out that she married an American in the Navy, but that her husband died some years ago, so now she lives in her house with her brother. As I was contemplating this and listening to the loud ABBA remixes she was playing in the background, she announces that we will eat lunch and sits us down to her table with an environmentalist themed tablecloth. As if she was expecting company, she pulled out heaps of food from the fridge and within 5 minutes, we were feasting on omelette (with real cheese!), meatloaf and beef roast. Yes that is correct. Real beef. It was amazing. Throughout the course of the meal, Nanay Zeny seemed to take it upon herself to give us marriage advice. Basically, she said the only way to know if a guy truly loves you is to play hard-to-get. Apparently it worked for her! We were able to sneak in a lesson with her and she told us how when she looked out at the gate, it seemed as if two angels were standing there. She felt prompted to let us in as fast as possible. I'll leave this story with a final thought. God really does prepare people for us to teach and with whom to share the gospel. We just have to be willing to stand at the gate and call to them to let us in. :)

Word of the Week: mataray -- snobbish (for a woman) Ex: Sister Morgan is NOT a mataray person haha 

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