Monday, May 2, 2016

The Lord is Truly Involved in This Work

I just want to take this post to recognize the many, mighty miracles I've experienced this week. This week has been the most productive and amazing week of my whole mission. Sister Cayanan and I set out to find and teach as many people as we could. We focused on finding families and everywhere we walked we would always try to look out for groups of people resting at their house that we could teach. We were able to find 14 families, of which about half are compounds with lots more potential investigators, and overall 69 new investigators. I am so humbled to know that the Lord has entrusted us with so many of His children. Each soul is so precious to Him and throughout this week, I've been able to more fully feel the power of a missionary calling and the strength of the Lord in everything we do. My faith has grown so much. I love this work! This area is so progressing and really has changed. The older sister of the two boys who were recently baptized, was also baptized herself this last weekend. Little by little God is working miracles for that family and will too for us, if we let Him. 

Word of the Week: himala -- miracle Ex: Exact obedience brings mga himala!

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