Tuesday, May 24, 2016

April showers bring may flowers. What does May bring?

More showers! Yep, rainy season is fast approaching and I'm so happy. Mostly because it'll be cooler and I won't feel like collapsing from heat exhaustion every day. We held a branch missionary activity where we taught people how to approach someone and invite them to hear from the missionaries. What stuck with me about this activity was how members can further the work simply by opening their mouths. You don't have to be perfect, but by inviting all you meet -- on the bus to work, in the grocery store or those at school -- you can experience your own miracles. I used to be really afraid of doing this before my mission. But I've noticed that as I test my faith and invite, little by little, I've gained more courage and conviction in what the Lord wants me to do. It is from this simple invite that our investigator was found and baptized. A member referred him to us and he has such a strong testimony. He wants to serve a mission some day and is already growing stronger in the gospel each day. Basically, no effort is wasted.


Word of the Week: Madaldal -- talkative Ex: Sister Morgan is an exceptionally madaldal individual who could write more words in this sentence, but that of course would be exceedingly repetitious and annoying to the reader who is probably wondering at which point this sentence will end and how can she possibly continue on and on without Sister Morgan herself getting bored of trying to write as many words as she can think of, but she is kind and so now she will stop........now.

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  1. Love the word of the week :) you be as madaldal as you can!!! We love you.