Monday, April 25, 2016

Chikka Chikka, Selfie Selfie, Picture Picture

We had another CSP this week and sometimes the missionaries like to think that CSP stands for chikka chikka (chit chat), selfie selfie, and picture picture instead of community service project because of all the pictures that are taken. But of course, it is good to be happy while working, right? We experienced a miracle this week in finding a new family. They were former investigators from about 4 years ago, but they are so prepared to be baptized. The father came to church this last week and the whole family is committed for this week. They kept telling us how many religions have come to them, yet they were impressed that we invited them to pray to know the truth for themselves. The father even inquired about the possibility of being baptized before we introduced that part of the lesson. They are humble people and are committed and willing to act. I’m so grateful to have to this opportunity to teach them.
Word of the Week: Pinakamakapangyarihan -- most powerful 
Ex: In my house, my mom is the pinakamakapangyarihan person.

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