Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

The miracles just keep rolling on. I have never felt more vigor for the work than I do now. We’ve followed up on some of the families we found last week, and they've accepted the invitation to be baptized and go to church as well. In one lesson, we were teaching our family, all of whom are coming to church and ready to be baptized this next month, about the Word of Wisdom, or the commandment God gave for our health. Before we started the lesson, the boy brought a pack of cigarettes for his father and the mom was cleaning up the coffee wrappers in the kitchen. Sister Cayanan and I looked at each other hesitantly, but decided to continue on and focus on what the Spirit directed. We both felt impressed to focus on the blessings and through that, the family, the father especially, readily accepted the invitation to live the Word of Wisdom. They acknowledged that it would be difficult, but they told us that they want to be a part of this Church because they can feel that it is right and good for their family. The father wants to be clean so that he can hold the Priesthood and bless his family. This experience showed me that we shouldn’t be fearful in teaching certain commandments, especially if it’s obvious they don’t follow it, but rather through the Spirit of the Lord, the investigators can gain a desire to change. I’m amazed at the transformation I’ve witnessed in our investigators and the area itself. I look forward to future environments and changes where I can continue to grow as a missionary and an individual. 

Word of the Week: Nanay -- Mother Ex: I love my nanay!

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