Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't worry, I'm a "professional"

This week we got a ton of referrals from a member who said he wanted us to teach "professionals." It was quite a different experience spending a day going to the houses with fences and tiled floors. Here, the rich homes are so lavish and grandiose, somewhat reminiscent of the Rhode Island mansions from the gilded age. Even the fences are complete with intricate designs and some are 10 feet tall! We even taught a couple politicians who offered snacks and pop. Of course, this experience made me realize that we shouldn't judge a person's readiness to accept the gospel based on the height of their fence. Rather, they need our message, which is worth more than all the houses in Masinloc combined. I know our Heavenly Father has prepared mansions for us, which are even more impressive and incomprehensible than all other places here on earth. It's His promise to us, that as we are obedient to His gospel, all that He has He will give to us. Yes, even more than just snacks and pop. :) 


Word of the Week: ipit -- hairclip Ex: Sister Morgan has an excellent variety of beautiful fashionable mga (plural) ipit that matches her equally beautiful fashionable outfits. 

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