Monday, April 4, 2016


So this week was transfers and I don't think even David Bowie would be able to predict what would happen! I'm still here in Masinloc training and we welcomed two new missionaries, one of them fresh from the MTC.I think that a mission is the perfect place to learn how to deal with change and accept it. In a way, it helps you better understand your investigators too. For them, converting to the gospel is a crazy big change! Usually, everything for them is different. I think that as we can think like the investigator, we are entitled to receive better guidance from God in how to best help them. Speaking of other changes, this weekend was General Conference. General Conference is where the President of the Church and the Apostles address everyone. I haven't gotten to view the broadcast yet because of the time difference, but I love hearing about the new temples to be built and other news. Overall, I'm grateful for continued revelation today. Whether it's transfers or temples, God is truly guiding His Church.
Word of the Week: Natutunan --- things learned Ex: What are you natutunan from General Conference?



  1. Sister Morgan!!! sorry I'm finally seeing this. I am so so proud of you! I hope your loving every moment of you mission, even the not so great times. You make me proud. Lots of love, Sister North

  2. Audrey, you always inspire me!! Thanks for all these posts. By the way, my uncle Evan Schmutz is a counselor in the new Philippines area presidency. If you meet him, tell him hello for me :)