Monday, April 18, 2016

Cause she's a!

We had a community service project (CSP) this week to build houses. Sadly there was no brick, but concrete is nice too! Usually, CSPs aren't the most spiritually piercing activities for me, but this one was different. The project we did is through the municipal where if a family, who doesn't have a home, works for at least 1000 hours on the site, one of the homes is theirs. The family we helped is a part member family, with the father planning on being baptized in May. It really struck me when we were pouring countless sandbags for the foundation, that our CSP is a lot like the work of the Lord. The Savior ministered in the blistering heat too while enduring many physical demands as well. Why? Because He loves us perfectly. I realized that as missionaries, not only do we help families build physical concrete foundations, but also spiritual foundations. I love that family, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to help them in a meaningful way.
Another wonderful experience --- Jeremy and Jancy John were baptized! We've been teaching their whole family and their older sister will follow them in a couple weeks. They also have many extended family members who are members and I am amazed at their own spiritual maturity. Each time we go to see them, they are sitting there reading the Book of Mormon. They really demonstrate to me what Jesus meant when He said that we need to become as little children to enter the kingdom of God. So many miracles here and I love it!

Word of the Week: ipis --- cockroach Ex: My companion saw an ipis and then promptly grabbed her flip flop to smack it!

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