Monday, March 7, 2016

"We are family!"

I absolutely love how perfect the Gospel is for families. Especially here in the Philippines, there are lots of big families that remind me of my own. All these families live next to each other, sometimes in big areas called compounds. The people here are so giving and loving, even to strangers like me. For example, we found and taught this new family and afterwards they gave us some juice and mangos. It really touched me how even though it wasn't a big thing, the fact that they would be so kind to new people amazed me. I love the Filipino people, especially the families. Our message is centered around Christ and how his Gospel helps families return back to Him. I know that families truly can be together even into the next life. Only through the Restored Gospel can that happen. Even though I'm far away from my family now, I know that through missionary work, other families can be together forever.
Word of the Week: Gupit -- to cut hair Ex: Wow Sister Morgan! Your new gupit looks great!

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  1. We are excited to have you back, but like you said, we have the incredible blessing of having our families sealed for eternity, and I am so grateful that you are helping other families achieve that joyful goal!