Monday, March 21, 2016

This week takes the cake!

We had an activity at the church this week where we decorated cakes to celebrate the 174th anniversary of the Relief Society, the name of the group for women in the Church. It was so beautiful to see heaps of chocolate and banana cake. There are not that many ovens here so seeing cake is a rare occurrence. It was funny to see all the nanays go crazy in eating the cake. I thought with only 30 people and 125 pieces of cake, there'd be leftovers...but nope! All gone in less than 5 minutes! I love how in the Church, even if you're from different places and speak different languages etc., you can still feel a spiritual felicity for others. To add one more happy news to this week, our investigator told us her parents will allow her to be baptized! There are true miracles happening here and I love it, even more than chocolate cake ;)

Word of the Week: Bonggacious -- fabulous! Ex: Sister Morgan's outfit is soooo bonggacious! Ex: The new Hello Kitty store in Masinloc is bonggacious!

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