Monday, February 29, 2016

My mission is leaping by!

As I'm writing this on the 29th of February, I've just realized I'm now officially half-way through my mission! It's crazy to see how many things have happened in just this short amount of time. This week we had a couple funny experiences in trying to recontact some people. At one house right as we walked up I saw a pair of legs dash behind the wall. Wanting to play detective, I quietly walked to the side of the house to find the man we were trying to contact hiding there. After making awkward eye contact with me for a split second, he dashed away and hid inside his house. He's wasn't obvious at all hahaha.
I think one thing I wish people knew about missionaries is that we can always tell when people try to avoid us or hide. At least we now know he doesn't want us to share with him! Even though we've experienced people like that, just in these last two weeks we've had a plethora of people open their homes to us. Miracles are happening. When people leap away from you, God will provide others who are ready to leap into the Gospel. 

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  1. I would "leap" at the chance to be taught by you!! :)