Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sister Morgan the Pioneer

This week has been crazy in so many ways! The new mission president seminar is going on where they come to learn how to be in charge of a mission. The 12 Apostles all come to teach it, but I haven't seen any yet. Last Saturday, they finished renovating a building, so they had us pack up and move to it. Well, just a couple days ago they gathered all the sisters together for an emergency meeting. I was super excited, thinking that maybe one of the apostles would make a surprise visit. Nope! One of the men in charge announced that a bat had been found in one of the rooms and that we all need to pack up and move back to our original housing. Biggest letdown ever hahaha. I felt somewhat like the pioneers who were told to also pack up their belongings and move out west. At least I'm getting better at packing (or just throwing things in randomly and hope they stay put). The whole experience drove every one batty, but I just said to put your shoulder to the suitcase and push along. 

Last Tuesday devotional, Elder Nash of the 70 spoke! It was so cool to see the man that my mom's family knows. He spoke on the Plan of Salvation, which is basically God's plan for us to come to this Earth and follow His commandments and then return back to Him. I especially liked how he said when you have an eternal perspective, meaning that you think not only about your earthly life, but rather your potential in an infinite sense, lots of questions about your purpose on Earth and how you should live your life are answered.

My Tagalog is coming along great! It's so cool to see how when you put forth your best effort to learn, God makes up for the rest. I know that it is through divine help that I have been able to teach in Tagalog. I also had the opportunity to skype to church members who live in the Philippines! Sister McMillan and I taught a lesson about the importance of prayer to a woman named Danika who lives in Metro Manila. It was so cool to actually be able to communicate effectively with her and have her understand what I was saying. It made me even more excited to get on that plane and go. 2 more weeks!

Word of the Week: Karumal-dumal --- Filthiness (It's just so fun to say!)

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