Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sister Morgan and the Fleet of Yellow Skirts

Kumusta mga tao! This is the last post before I head off to the Philippines! It's crazy to think that I'll be half-way across the world teaching in Tagalog. I, along with the other missionaries in my district, will be flying on the 9th and will make two layovers in LA and Hong Kong. I'll also get to stay in the Manila MTC for about 5 days and attend the temple there. 

This week has been mostly continuing to study the language and practice teaching. They have all missionaries go to an "In-Field Orientation" program where they teach you about how to transition into real missionary work with real people. I also got to skype Danika in the Philippines again! It's so great to see a sneak preview of how loving and welcoming the Filipino people are. I got to see the documentary "Meet the Mormons" and I loved it. If any of you are curious about what Mormons believe or what values we have, I would highly encourage you to watch it. It's really well made, and I believe it's currently available on Netflix. 

Elder Tenea doing a Kiribati dance

The MTC has been a wonderful experience and I'm going to miss the missionaries that I've met here. Side note, it seems like every single sister missionary owns at least one yellow skirt. Like, when walking from place to place, I'll play a game with myself and count all the yellow skirts I see. One time I got 12 in just five minutes. I don't know if it's an unspoken sister missionary rule to wear them all the time but I think it's really funny. I don't know how many yellow skirts there will be in the Philippines, but I'm excited nonetheless to travel there and help people come unto Christ. 

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