Monday, June 15, 2015

I Became a Prefect!

This week has been very busy, mostly studying the language. My companion, Sister McMillan and I became Sister Trainer Leaders! This means we are in charge of all the sisters in our zone, which is about 20 people. It's the equivalent of being a zone leader, or being a prefect over a Hogwarts house. We had a teaching opportunity to meet with local members who speak Tagalog. One of the people was a guy whose name is Brother Josephson. Apparently, he went to UW for his undergrad and attended the Lake Forest Park ward and knows everybody there really well! On Wednesday, we said goodbye to the district ahead of us that was leaving for the Philippines. We also got two new districts of incoming missionaries, so now I'm not a newbie anymore! It's funny how smart they think we are haha. For the devotionals, we got to hear from President and Sister Tanner, the new president of BYU-Hawaii, and Sister Burton, the General Relief Society President. I enjoyed both of their talks immensely.

Word of the Week: Lumba lumba --- dolphin

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