Monday, July 4, 2016

There's a 4th of July in the Philippines!

And a 3rd of July and a 5th of July...etc haha. This week I've had a lot of good feelings about the work we are doing. After countless hours of door to door contacting and even more countless rejections, my companion and I experienced many blessings. We were getting dinner at this one place and afterwards the chef comes out and tells us he's "interested in our religion." He promptly gave us his name and phone number to contact him later. This happened again, with another lady who sought us out so that she could be taught. And finally, one of the sons of a recent convert, who originally always avoided the missionaries and would talk cynically of our work, came to church this last week! He told us he had a really nice experience and felt surprisingly happy and different when he was there. He's now preparing to be baptized and seek to obtain a testimony for himself. For Independence Day, we celebrate those patriotic themes of freedom and liberty. I've grown to better appreciate it because it's only through people's agency, or freedom to choose, that they can know the truth for themselves. Overall, despite the lack of fireworks here, I still feel God's blessings the same. 

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