Monday, July 18, 2016

3 is a Magic Number!

This week was interesting in that my companion and I got a call from our mission president who told us a sister from Pakistan was coming halfway into the transfer and she needed a companionship to be with. So now, we are both trainers again! Aside from that, the work continues on! One quick experience I'd like to share --- We were finding in an area where we had many rejections. However, we came across one nice home and decided to try to see if they were interested. The father surprisingly let us in and we shared a quick message about eternal families with his wife and two children. After the lesson I was amazed at how perfectly that all worked out. I've realized that in order to obtain miracles and blessing in our lives, we need to have trials first to show our commitment and faith. It seems like 3 really is a magic number in our work!

Word of the Week: walang-hanggang -- eternal

Ex: We believe that families can be walang-hanggang!

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