Monday, June 6, 2016

School's Out, Scream and Shout!

...Except for the Philippines where school is about to start this week! We had exchanges this week, where I switched with another companionship for a day. I went to the other sister's area and I had a great time teaching the families there. There was one that had 3 daughters who are the same age as my sisters. Their personalities were exactly like my sisters, so it was sweet to talk to them because it felt like I was talking with my family. They are so good at their scripture reading and knowledge. It makes me think to when I was their age and I totally wasn't at their level. I don't think we realize how capable our children are of understanding gospel truths and principles. We should not shy away from teaching them and helping them understand their potential. After all, spiritual school never has a summer break, right? :)

Word of the Week: Piga -- squeeze Ex: You need to piga the coconut pulp in order to get the milk!

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