Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Baptisms, 2 Countries, 1 Happy Missionary

So this week we had the baptism of one of our investigators. He is currently living with his aunt's family while his dad is working abroad in America. He has a solid testimony and is already very knowledgeable about the gospel. I found out that his dad just happens to live only 2 hours away from me in Seattle, so when our investigator rejoins his dad there, I'll be able to continue to see him and help him prepare for his mission. I know that that wasn't an accident, but rather, a tender mercy from God. I'm thankful for having this opportunity to meet him and see his spiritual growth.
My family celebrated many events this week such as my parent's anniversary, my brother's high school graduation and my sister's baptism. Even though I wasn't there in person with them, throughout my mission, I've become increasingly more aware and thankful for the loving family God gave me. I have great peace in knowing that we are sealed together and that I can be with them in years to come. That knowledge has given me a bigger desire to help families here receive the same blessings too.

Word of the Week: panatag -- no worries Ex: Hakuna means panatag! 

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