Sunday, February 14, 2016

I'm a new mom!

I'm still here in my second area Masinloc, but guess what happened? I'm now training! In the mission, people colloquially call those who train, Nanay (mom) and their trainee, anak (child). So yep. I'm now the one responsible for everything. My new trainee is from the Philippines and she is perfect. Like, she already knows everything, including Tagalog! I honestly feel like she's training me haha. I know that even though I'm only 8 months on my mission, the Lord will qualify those whom He calls. I'm excited to see what adventures lay ahead and am happy to continue His work. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day from the Masinloc sisters!
Word of the Week: baliw --- crazy  Ex: There are lots of baliw people out there in the world for sure!

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  1. These posts always make me so happy, and always remind me to focus on what matters most!! You are a true gem :)