Monday, September 7, 2015

Wake Me Up Till September Ends

Every day here in the Philippines is a green day! Sometimes I'll stop to literally smell the flowers and point out to Sister Otod if it's a dicot or monocot flower. I love the natural beauty here so much! 

September continues to be full of wonderful experiences! While stopping to write down information, an older man came out of his home to meet with us. We introduced ourselves to him and he told us that his name is Eduardo and he's 76 years old. We invited him to church and sure enough, he biked the whole way there and had a wonderful experience. He' s accepted the invitation to be baptized and desires to learn more about the gospel! I know that God prepares people for me and my companion to teach. Whether you're a tatay in the Philippines, or a youth in America, each person needs and becomes better through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This work truly is marvelous!

 Word of the Week: Masipag --- hardworking Ex: Sister Morgan is so masipag :)

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