Monday, September 14, 2015

Filipino Ninja Warrior

Last summer I became hooked on a show called American Ninja Warrior where participants would complete a physically challenging obstacle course. I sat in awe of their enduring strength and capability to do things that I could only dream of doing. Well now that I'm here in the Philippines, I sometimes feel like a Filipino Ninja Warrior. In trying to locate a family that a member referred us to, we walked through the jungle for about an hour, then proceeded to climb up a mountain taking several twists and turns, descended slowly as to avoid caribou and spiders, crossed several streams by using questionable bamboo bridges and then finally weaving our way through the rice fields. 

It was definitely an adventure, and thankfully it was only raining a little bit. Even though sometimes it's hard to find people, it makes me think about to what lengths God tries to find us. Amidst our trials and hardships, God "travels through jungles and mountains" to find and help us come closer to Him. I'm grateful to be a representative of Christ and preach the Gospel among the unggoy (monkeys) and bundok (mountains).

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