Monday, November 16, 2015

Something Smells Fishy

This is my companion
This week I bought some tilapia from the market to cook for dinner, all in Tagalog! However, my companion informed me that I needed to clean it later. Originally I thought, "No problem! It's just cute little fish!" But then later when my hands looked like a fish serial killer hands and I had grey innards all over me, I decided that I'll just stick to buying chicken instead. In terms of fun food this week, I finally got around to trying chicken heart and liver. It was okay...but I like fried chicken better haha. I wanted to show off to the other sisters my cooking skills, so I carved one of my famous apple swans. They thought it was kagilagilalas! (See word of the week.)
While visiting a family for lunch, they told me how their children had painted the animals. When I saw the cat it looked so kawawa (pitiful). I fed it my fish bones to make it happy.
I also had an opportunity to teach one of the Sunday School classes about the principle of obedience. As I was teaching, I really felt the 

Spirit impress upon me that the reason God gives us commandments to follow is because He loves us. Just as parents look out for their children, I know that God is eager to have His children become better too. I know that through obedience and hard work, miracles come!
Word of the Week: kagilagilalas -- fantastic!

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