Monday, November 2, 2015

For Halloween I Was...A Sister Missionary!

Even though for Halloween I didn't get any candy, I probably still scared a couple people! It's really funny to me because sometimes as we walk by, some people try and hide to avoid us and it's very obvious to us what they're doing. Next time you see a pair of missionaries don't run or hide! At least say hi and introduce yourself and I promise you what they have to say is sweeter than any Snickers bar. People here in the Philippines don't really celebrate Halloween with costumes and candy. Rather, on the next day they celebrate "All Saints Day" where you go to the cemetery to honor your ancestors with food and flowers. 
To update ya'll with new foods I've tried this week, we stopped by one of the local BBQ places and ate some roasted cubed curdled pig blood! To be honest, I was slightly scared to try it, but then I thought about how cool I'll be when I come back and say I've eaten roasted cubed curdled pig blood so I ate it. It actually wasn't too terrible! Will I eat it again? Nah...but at least my stomach is still intact!

Word of the Week: Napakahalaga -- really important Ex: I am so napakahalaga!

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  1. You are braver than me by a long way!!! Curdled pigs blood - wow! The kids really like your words of the week, by the way, so thanks :)