Monday, November 9, 2015

I've been transferred to...

 ...Masinloc! I am now in my second area! Masinloc is actually only 25 minutes driving from Sta. Cruz and is in the same district too. I haven't gone too far! We have 6 sisters, instead of 4, in our home so it's a bit squishy. BUT...I found some Scooby-Doo sheets at an ukay-ukay (clothing/fabric stores) and now my bed is THAT much cooler. My new companion is Sister Tantiangco and both of us are opening our area so we basically never know where we are going. If only Sister Siri could be in a trio with us haha. 
This week I finally ate balut! It is a partially fertilized egg where you drink the juice and then eat the half formed chicken embryo. Not bad, but I might stick to my sunny-side up eggs.
We had an interesting lesson with a mother of a teenage convert who asked if Mormons use the Bible. I could really feel the Spirit as I testified about how not only is the Bible the word of God, but that the Book of Mormon is too and both complement each other. I know that as we read the scriptures, answers to all our questions come and we grow closer to God. If you've never read the Book of Mormon, or it's been a while, I encourage you to read (or Google to find it) 2 Nephi 31 and 32. It contains the gospel of Christ and I know it is true. 
Word of the Week:  Matiyaga -- really hard-working Ex: I am such a matiyaga missionary!

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  1. I am so, so happy to know you sleep on Scooby doo sheets! No matter how hard the day is, at least you get to come home to that :)