Monday, October 5, 2015

I Hate to Rain on Your Parade...

In the Philippines, every so often they have fiestas where all the surrounding barangays (suburbs towns) gather to party, celebrate and have parades. Proselyting during this time is always interesting because literally every single person is lasing, or drunk, and no one is home to teach. At least most of them were still nice and think that I am very beautiful. It's just like BYU...minus the alcohol part hahaha. 
Inside a trike
We had a baguio last Friday and the rain was so heavy that even Pres. Dahle, the mission president, called us and told us to stay home. I found this old church New Testament manual so I devoured that the whole day. To leave a quick spiritual thought, I like the part of Ephesians where it talks about shielding your family with the armor of God. God loves us and evidence of His love is the commandments he gives us. The best medicine for any family ills truly is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Word of the Week: Pinagkakaabalahan -- what are you busy with 

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