Monday, October 12, 2015

Hindi Nalipat

To decorate our room, I cut out a heart shaped piece from a church magazine that said "Hindi Nalipat" or "No Transfer" and jokingly taped it next to our sign of "Sta. Cruz." Sadly this week, Sister Otod transferred, but happily too, my new companion, Sister Sanchez arrived safely after an 8 hour bus ride! She's Filipina as well so at least we still have someone who knows how to cook haha. 
General Conference, where the prophet and apostles give talks for the whole church, was wonderful to watch this last weekend. Luckily it was in English, so no worries about not understanding! Elder Christofferson's talk about the importance of having a church was very timely, as many of the members that we work with have had questions about that. Also, it was inspiring to see the three new apostles that were called. Just as in the mission we have transfers, in a way, the quorum of the 12 apostles experienced their own "nalipat." I know that God has called living prophets and apostles for His church and all people today. As we stay close to their counsel, we and our families will stay on the path to exaltation.

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