Monday, August 3, 2015

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today! (And it's harmful UV rays too...)

This week has been full of beautiful sunshine and not so beautiful watch tan lines. I'll have the most stunning tan lines when I return that even the farmers will be jealous. 

I've had a lot of good service opportunities this week. The other missionaries, branch members and I went to the home of an old lady who is an investigator. She is so poor that she can't afford to patch all the holes in her roof, so when it rains she sleeps sitting up holding an umbrella. Despite her poverty, she prides herself on her garden, which we colloquially call "The Garden of Eden." To help her, we fixed her roof Filipino style! We "melted" Styrofoam in gas and it formed this putty thing that when dried deflects water. It was definitely one of the more interesting service projects I've done. 

I also began teaching English and it was so refreshing to talk about past participles and superlatives. I also taught them the word pulchritude and it's so funny to hear them randomly say, "Sister Morgan is a pulchritude!" 

The highlight of the week was the baptism and confirmation of Cykey, who is the 9-year-old we've been teaching. It's amazing to see her testimony grow, even at her young age, and her desire to follow the example of Christ by being baptized. Even though so many of the people I interact with lack temporal means, their spirituality and readiness to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is so vast. 

Word of the Week: Pangit -- Ugly (Opposite of pulchritude haha)

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