Monday, August 17, 2015

Missionary work ain't no Monkey Business

So while teaching an old couple a monkey randomly sauntered in and at first I thought, "Isn't anybody concern that a potentially wild animal is within a biting radius?" Then the nanay (grandma/mother) picked him up and began giving him kisses like you would do with a new born kitten. I found out that the monkey is actually her pet and he has no teeth, so no need to worry about acquiring rabies! 
New foods this week includes a plethora of interesting bread flavors. If I had to choose between "ube and cheese" or "black forest" flavored bread, I'd eat the later, mostly because it has some chocolate in it. I also had squid! While it was better than the canned squid I ate once some years ago, let's just say I'd rather eat "ube and cheese" flavored bread instead. 

When teaching investigators and members here, it's easy to become frustrated and impatient with them when they don't follow through with commitments (going to church, reading scriptures, etc.). But I think it's important to remember how patient and loving God is with us in our own weaknesses. I have a firm testimony that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all of us can become completely clean and receive peace and comfort to endure all our trials. God will never leave us alone, rather, it's our decision to turn to him and enjoy the blessings of His gospel.

  Word of the Week: Char! --- expression for when you are being facetiously sorry

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