Monday, August 24, 2015

Master the Baguio's Raging!

It's weeks like this one that I'm grateful that I bought an umbrella! A baguio (or typhoon) came through Manila, and we experienced just a portion of the real thing. You could say it was a baby baguio! The flood waters only reached about 6 inches, so my stylish crocs were super useful. 
We had a branch activity where I got to help make sticky rice, using a giant wooden rod to smash the rice into a pasty consistency, which you then put on a banana leaf with some brown sugar and enjoy! We also played some games where if you lost, someone got to put lipstick on your face. When it was my turn, I choose to get a lightening bolt on my forehead and become Sister Potter. 

I also got to attend the baptism of Nanay Elvie and Rochelle, two investigators of the other Sisters in Sta. Cruz, but with both I've developed great friendships. It's amazing to see the power the Gospel of Jesus Christ has on people's lives. I'm so grateful to be here in the wonderful Philippines even through the physical and spiritual baguios that I've endured. As you continue to develop faith in Christ and His atonement, sunshine will always come. 
Sunshine will always come

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  1. Audrey we sure love you and love, love, love reading this blog!!!! Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated! It is always uplifting and inspiring. We're so glad you are okay in all that crazy weather!