Monday, January 11, 2016

Budol Fight! Round one! *Ding ding*

When invited for dinner, especially as missionaries, it's important to eat with 
only the most decorum and consideration of the host's hospitality. But this week I got to experience a Filipino tradition of the budol fight meal. Basically how it works is all the food is laid on top of banana leaves and without using utensils, you just dig in and take what you want. No pleases, no napkins, nothing. Just your bare hands and hungry man instincts. It was so fun to fight for the food with the other Filipinos and enjoy this new eating style. To relate this experience to a more spiritual plane, I will compare the budol fight to scripture reading. There are many times where we continually invite others to read, especially the Book of Mormon, but yet it never happens. From my own reading though, I know that when one feasts upon the words of Christ, the experience truly is more masarap (tasty) to the soul. Through diligent scripture reading we can ascertain more spiritual truths that can't be obtained in any other way. So when reading, don't be afraid to dig in and assuage your spiritual hunger. 

Word of the Week: Kamangha-mangha --- amazing. Ex: The food at dinner was so kamanga-mangha