Saturday, May 30, 2015

And I said hey....WHAT'S GOING ON!

Hello everyone! My P-Day here is on Saturdays, so that's when I can e-mail y'all! I've gotten to the MTC safely and now everyone here thinks I'm the master guru at Tagalog! I came here knowing only about 15 words and suddenly all the Sisters in my district (a group of about 10 missionaries) always ask me for what things mean. They each have the goal to try and beat Sis. Morgan, which I think is funny. All the Sisters (pronounced Seetors with a Tagalog accent) are wonderful! My kasama, or companion, is Sister McMillan. She is from Spanish Fork, UT (just 15 minutes north of Provo) and is the first person in her family to serve a mission. 

The language so far has been crazy! On the first day, within hours of getting to the MTC, they put us in class where the teachers (return RMs) only speak Tagalog. It's been only three days, but I can already say my prayers in Tagalog! It's been a lot harder to learn than German. In class, I have to resist the temptation to blurt out phrases in German and instead think in Tagalog. Some of the words are fun to say like pananampalataya which means faith. To prepare us for the mission field, they assign us a fake investigator (someone who is interested in learning more about the Church) and we teach them completely in Tagalog! My companion and I already taught a first lesson and we'll teach more this next week. It's amazing how when you put forth your effort to learn the language, the Lord makes up the rest. 

The food here is pretty good! They have pizza Friday each week where they order a bunch of pizzas from Papa Johns. I bet the local Papa Johns is happy about that arrangement :) Mostly all my time here has been a cycle of studying scriptures, studying language, teaching others, etc. Even though I miss everyone at home, I'm really happy here and excited to serve my Heavenly Father. 

Mahal kita,

Sister Morgan

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  1. Yay! I love the update on your first week at the MTC! Sounds like you and the MTC are making quite an impression on each other! Keep the pananampalataya Sister Morgan. :) Love you!